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“$1 App Launches on iOS/Android Promising to Fix 5G, $1T Wireless Industry”

New App Lets Users Boost their Wireless Coverage and Performance in Seconds
Innovative App Works Like a “Geiger Counter” for Wireless Signals and is Compatible with Cellular, WiFi and Satellite Networks Globally
App is Especially Useful for 5G, which Requires More Accurate Signal Tuning

West Olive, MI, March 31, 2021– Now available globally, “NetPulse” promises to fix the Wireless Industry by enabling anyone with a mobile phone to quickly boost their coverage and performance when using Cellular, WiFi or Satellite networks.

The first-of-its-kind app, which works like a “Geiger Counter,” enables users to quickly locate stronger wireless signals, which can vary significantly across buildings and terrain. This simple, yet powerful tool allows users to find the best locations to make phone calls or use devices, the best place for a WiFi router or 4G/5G gateway, as well as to detect network issues or aim a satellite dish in seconds.

Unlike “Signal Bars” and coverage maps, which only show signal level in one direction and with low fidelity (5 Bars), NetPulse shows real-time wireless performance in both directions and in high resolution (100 Levels).

NetPulse requires no setup and includes easy-to-understand performance indicators for all skill levels, along with advanced tools for gamers and network professionals. Created by wireless industry veterans, NetPulse also benefits mobile operators by effectively extending coverage, increasing capacity (via fewer retransmissions, faster modulation), and reducing support calls.

Poor wireless coverage has affected most of the world’s 3 billion mobile users and in some regions has created a new “mobile divide”. Remote learning and work during the pandemic have only increased the need for reliable wireless communications. The release of NetPulse is timed to enhance the global rollout of 5G, which requires more accurate signal tuning at higher frequencies, as well as to maximize existing wireless networks.

NetPulse is now available globally on iOS and Android. Go to NetPulse.App or search your app store for “NetPulse”.

Established in 2019, MartySoft is a privately held provider of mobile apps and services that address global challenges. Its first app, My Limit, focused on reducing drunk driving ( Now, MartySoft has pioneered a straightforward way for users to boost their wireless coverage and performance and its 2nd app, NetPulse, is now available globally for iOS & Android. NetPulse.App