NetPulse Features


  • Reduce dropped calls and improve call quality in seconds
  • Position a 4G/5G gateway or hotspot for maximum performance
  • Find the best locations to make phone calls at home, work, in a car, boat, RV, hotel
  • Tune a WiFi network for maximum coverage, speeds and low latency
  • Quickly find the best places to use the Internet or make calls while traveling
  • Improve WiFi based video calls, streaming TV and remote work or school
  • Quickly spot issues on a wireless network (e.g. congestion, interference)
  • Aim a satellite dish for best performance in seconds


  • Proprietary algorithm tests wireless performance up to 100 times per second
  • Wireless "Geiger Counter" feature with audio cues to quickly find stronger signals
  • Highly accurate, 2-way signal level displayed on a 0-100 scale (vs 5 "Signal Bars")
  • Compatible with Cellular, WiFi and Satellite networks
  • Advanced tools available for fine-tuning latency and coverage
  • Simple interface for all experience levels and no hardware or setup required
  • Uses negligible data and network bandwidth
  • Developed by wireless industry pros